This mornings session…

A variation on the filthy 50…
50 x jumping squats,
50 x box jumps,
50 x chin ups,
50 x push ups,
50 x air squats,
50 x back squats @ 40kg,
50 x push press’s @ 40kg,
50 x hang power cleans @ 40kg,
50 x knees to elbow,
50 x kettle bell swings @ 16kg,
50 x burpees,
200m row.
Time: 39:50.

Then 10minute partner Cindy,
5 x chin ups,
10 x push ups,
15 x air squats,
1 x tyre flip each person.
So you alternate the chin ups, push ups and squats (one person does all 5, the other does ten, the other ten does the 15 squats… So each round you’re swapping, then you each flip the tyre and start again.)
Totalled 15 rounds with my partner. That’s more than 2 rounds per minute…