Where and when doesn't matter to dearly, just as long as I remember to document who and how.
We live to love, and love to love but hate to lose and lose to much.
So hold time, as tight as you can because nobody is monitoring how you spend it.

Just another demo idea… I’ve sent it through to the boys. Should we work on it further? Leave it behind? It’s called ‘Sinners Vs Winners.’


Wherever I am.

I take my guilt with me, 

Whoever goes down,

I’m making plans of mercy, 

The tongues are tied,

The keys in flirting, 

My rights outloud, 

it’s the life or the money, 

Trade something terrible,

For something sweet, 

Need I repeat this again,

Need I retreat to a friend? 

what a sin to consider,

what a way to drown,

how did I ever assume I’m clever,

destroying the town,

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